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In airplane: airport in Catania and then bus up to Victoria;

In train: station in Catania and then is more convenient to take the bus up to Victoria;

In auto: to ferry to Villa S. Giovanni (not to Reggio Calabria), then highway Messina - Catania and slide fast Catania - Ragusa - to 25 kms around before Ragusa Licodia Victoria.

Victoria (25 kms from Ragusa; 55 280 inhabitants; 168 ms s.l.m.; CAP 97019; appointed tel. 0932). 

It arrives, from Comiso, along a fascinating run that unties him between vineyards and old men you now twirl to water in disuse, but that once exploited the tide of the river Ippari. 

Victoria is the youngest commune in the province of Ragusa, and you/he/she purely has a modern urbanistic formulation with roads to grid that you confer him the aspect of a great chessboard. 

The city was founded the 24 April of 1607 by the Countess Victoria Colonna, and it is situated in one of the vast lowlands in Sicily, called in remote times "Region Mesopotamica Sicula", since it is limited from two rivers, the lppari and the Dirillo. 


Sets on the last southern layers of the mountains lblei, to the right of the river, Victoria is a big center of production ortofrutticola, of wines and of oil. 

The city has been founded in 1607 by the countess Victoria Colonna and preserve what particularity an articulated road structure rigidly to chessboard.

WWe begin our itinerary from the central plaza, rigorously square, where they lean out the eighteenth-century Church of the Madonna of the Graces (1754) and the contrasted Town Theater of neoclassic taste typically.

In Ferdinando Ricca plaza we find then the Mother Church, or of St. Giovanni Battista, patron of the city.


Despite Victoria both of recent origins, traces of prehistoric installations, of the period paleocristiano and Byzantine, testimony of a nonstop housing vocation of the zone I/you/they have been found to, from the prehistory to the foundation of the city. 

NIn the '600 this zone belonged to the county of Moderate, whose count Luigi III Enriquez will Zoom, that had gotten married Victoria Colonna.

To the death of the count, you was sent in the county as special attorney, lppolito Richetti, that recommended Victoria to begin the construction of a commercial port to the countess, in the zone denominated then "Coast of the Scoglittis". You countess had affairs both economic and political to build a new lived center (you was a period in which, in Sicily, new villages were built, also because, every new center with a certain number of inhabitants, gave a vote to the vassal in more in breast to the regional parliament) but, instead that to an I bring isolated, she thought about the construction of an inside village, to the shelter from the coastal razzies of the pirates. The countess, therefore, entrusted some exploration of Boscopiano (so you called to the time the today's territory on which Victoria rises). Paul La Reluctant that pointed out as best place for the construction of the new village the zone of the "Tall Caves", some distant from the sea and rich of waters.   Gotten the regal authorization, the countess began the foundation and the population of the new suburb, granting to the farmers that went to live him, earths, privileges, franchigie and exemption of the taxes for 10 years, indemnity to the debtors and immunity to the criminals.  

lns followed to the 1693 sisma not many were the damages to the constructions and anchor I lead the corpses in comparison to the other cities of the Val of Known. l collapses greater they interested the "Castle" of the countess and the church Mother day S. Giovanni, in which 40 children perished, that was you for the catechism.

Today Victoria has reached a tall number of inhabitants a good general economic level, thanks to the strong wish of his/her inhabitants to improve her own social condition and the good ability of adaptation to the ideas of renewal, both from the point of view of the job and from a political-social point of view (as you is tried by the share to the revolutionary motions preunitari, from the enthusiastic reception reserved to Nino Bixio and to the consignment garibaldina and from an active share to the political and social struggles of our century).  


The territory of Victoria is economically among the most prosperous and among the more intensely cultivated of Sicily. The continuous prevailing activity to be that agricultural and in these last years is particularly diffused the crop in greenhouses.  

The crop of the grapevine that, in the past years it was the principal resource, continuous still today to feed the production and the commerce of valuable table grape and cut wines to tall gradation. 

Famous the "Cerasuolo", typical wine meal vittoriese, from the dry taste and from the beautiful color, proper for meats. 

Lately he is trying to also increase the industrial activity, for the maggěor it departs connected to the agriculture.  

For the marketing of the local typical procottis as musts, wines, appreciated grapes, tomatoes and other products ortofrutticoli, an imposing market has been realized ortofrutticolo to I thicken him, rich of stands and in continuous development. And' in construction a new market ortofrutticolo that will be the more main point of the South. To Victoria it exists, also, an asset market of the flowers, connected to the phase of transformation of the production serricola from flowers ortofrutticola.