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The Origini

Vittorias, 60 thousand inhabitants around, it rises to 168 meters on the level of the sea. Inclusive between the 37░ parallel of latitude and the 14,5░ of longitude, its territory has a surface of 181 kilometers quadrati.Il stung taller it is Bald Mountain to around 250 meters high.

To east some City flows the river Ippari that has its origins in three sources: in the region Boscorotondo near Victoria, in the source Daylight in the heart of Comiso and in the region Cifali.La centralitÓ of the job is the key of time of a system of social life that makes of.

Victoria, an alive center that experiments, produces, it invents. Founded the 24 April of 1607 by the countess Victoria Column Enriquez, the city introduces a structure chessboard urbanism and his/her plazzis of Eclectic style and Liberty I am the visit ticket of a people that has aimed his/her development at the agriculture.



The City rises to the 1600 dawns last among the installations of the ancient County of Modica.La city it is born in the circle of a great process of colonization of new earths and foundation of over one hundred new suburbs had brought ahead by the nobility of the island since 1500 to 1700 but it was for a long time particularly an intelligent investment term proposed by some administrators of the County to the vassal, the countess Victoria Colonna, her child's guardian count of Moderate Giovanni Alfonso Enriquez will Zoom.

The new agglomeration, that leans out on the splendid valley of the Ippari, develops him to the threshold of an area lived by millennia.

Traces of prehistoric installations, of the age of the bronze, of Greek passage, Romans and Byzantines are under and near the so-called Castle, while along the coast, to the mouth of the Ippari and around the ancient swamp, in the You century to. C. rose the Greek city of Camarina, subcolonia of the dorica Syracuse.

Just near the great northern necropolis of camarina the actual fraction of Scoglitti extends him in which some historians recognize her "Region Mesopotanium."


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The demografic and economic development of Victoria is prodigious since the beginning.

For all the 600 the inhabited area widened to stain of oil conquering the surrounding countries.

Wheat, breeding of ovo-caprini and swines, flax, hemp, oil, locusts, citrus fruit, sugar and above all the vineyard.

The social body is constituted by hundreds of small growers enfiteuti coming from the other countries of the County, from the rest of the island and from Malta.

Bare give of the "you reveal" (the censuses of the XVII century, it is deduced that the City was born above all for to produce wine that came to a large extent exported in the other cities of the County and, thanks to the I bring of Scoglitti, also in Malta that in change it furnishes fabrics, braids and numerous new inhabitants.

Power is in hand to some big owners that cover the public positions but the mass you/he/she is always constituted by the small assignees.

Few are the dealers and the artisans, while the ecclesiastical ownership is ample and checks wide part of the commerce.


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The 1693 earthquake that whole south-oriental Sicily destroyed, to Victoria it provoked few damages to the houses and the people but they stayed ruined the Mother Church and two convents. 

Not having collapsed entirely also, the same been decided to reconstruct the basilica really in the area turned to commercial zone. Such move toward the inside contributed to definitely fix the economic axle of the city around the actual Plaza of the People that became the new commercial hinge and the passage forced for Comiso, terranova and Scoglitti. 

The I reveal some 1714 confirmation a great urbanistic and economic development of Victoria that is magnified in all the directions with new districts embellishing himself/herself/itself of new buildings.   

You forms a new class of great owners composed by ex massari and storekeepers that have become wealthy and imborghesiti and that they govern the city under the iron guide of the pastors of the Rich family that you/they will hold up in practice the city for about seventy years.   

To seven hundred end, Victoria, arrived by now alal is accustomed to some diecimilas inhabitants, you/he/she is known for his/her exports of wine in Sicily and to Malta. To seven hundred end, Victoria, arrived by now alal is accustomed to some diecimilas inhabitants, you/he/she is known for his/her exports of wine in Sicily and to Malta.

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In the final part of the epoch borbonica continues the conquest of the territory with the amplification of the crops to vineyard and puts on hand to the construction of the road axle for Comiso, the roadway it is modernized for Scoglitti, ponds and swamps are reclaim to the outskirtses while the historical center embellishes him around the principal plaza.

The first ones of the 800 also see to Victoria the affirmation conscious of the agrarian middle class that starts to abandon entirely the other crops to devote himself/herself/themselves to the vineyard.

The new demands of numerous families of land owners that recognize great possibilities of growth and development in the development of the vineyard and they want therefore a free market, meets him with the political antiliberista and colonial of the Borbonis and also in our mature City a feeling of hostility and a desire of independence from Naples that it will animate the 48 motions.

This brief experience of self-government will give towns to the small nobility and the middle class the conscience of his/her own role to the guide of the city.

Subsequently to Garibaldi's unloading in Sicily and to the unification of the Kingdom of Italy, however, nobility and middle class break him in two creating a right conservative driven by the great families of land owners and the left led by Rosary Chancellors in whose ideal of moderate progress the small land owners are recognized, the artisans, the dealers, the professionals of the armature of the vineyard.

In the hard struggles between right and left, the City will grow enormously, confirming himself/herself/itself one of the zones more viniferes of the Country.  

With the growth of the economy vinicola and the armature from Palermo the industrialists of the distillation come: before the Florios then Ingham and Withaker and molt also the face of the city that him arrichisce of elegant buildings and new structures what the Theater and, in the first ones of the XX century, it will entertain the great season of the Liberty in the principal streets and in the countries.

The Chancellors administration it assures one illuminated modernization, new services they are born to Victoria and Scoglitti where the demand of an is warned I bring more and more real.   

The railroad Syracuse is also realized - Licata in the years behind 900 when by now the "miracle vittoriese" you/he/she has been crushed by the fillossera. 

The fillossera upset and then it destroyed the block progressive and the family it Iacono-lifts up and others notable will have held up the fates of the city since 1883 to the advent of the Fascism.

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The fascist ventennio saw to Victoria the clandestine action of anarchists, socialist and of numerous communists that succeeded in holding the opposition lives to the regime.  

According to the testimonies of the epoch, the City seems dam in herself and in its countries and culturally expresses few, the schools are few and for few and the svoltÓ it will happen in 1943 after the unloading of the allied troops and the return to the liberty.   

With the first elections, the first party of the City becomes the PCI in which the votes of the mass of laborers flow, legionaries, artisans, small dealers, while the small and middle land owners him riconsocono in the DC and the big owners in the PLI and in the right generally.   

In the fifties, in the battles for the economic development, the conquest of the earth and the sanitary assistance, the new managing class of the City consolidates him.    

They were years of great social clashes and the oppositions of the cold war they made him also feel to Victoria.    

Clashes of plaza, strikes with struggles were melted for the emancipation and the social and economic development of the City, driven by the left.  

The wine's crisis in that years provoked a thick unemployment eemigrazione but already at the end of the years 50 the horticulture to open field is a new subject reality however to the whims of the seasons.    

At the end of the fifties, some men among which Pietro Gentile, his/her brothers Bennice and Giovanni Di Stephen, invented the serricoltura, a real revolution that apriý a great phase of development and you/he/she brought to the creation of the first great agricultural cooperative in the history of the city "You Rebirth."  

The new way of cultivating has offered the possibility to live not also on extensions of earth very great to numerous families.  

The horticultural productions, the flowers and the plants, the agrumeto and the vineyard and the olive-grove in resumption after a long crisis, are the present and probably they will be the future of Victoria he/she anchors for long years... The horticultural productions, the flowers and the plants, the agrumeto and the vineyard and the olive-grove in resumption after a long crisis, are the present and probably they will be the future of Victoria he/she anchors for long years...