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Victoria Colonna, conjugated she will Henriquez-Cabrera (Sea, December 10 th 1558 - Medina de Rioseco, 1633), you was Duchess of Medina de Rioseco and Countess of Modica. 

Victoria, Duchess of Medinaceli, was daughter of Marcantonio Colonna viceroy of Sicily in the XVI century. For an accord of their brother Ascanio got married for proxy on December 31 1586 Ludovicos III Henriquez de CabrerÓ Almirante of Castile, duke of Medina de Rioseco. 

Her husband became Count of Modica in 1596. Died in 1600 the consort, Victoria became Countess of Moderate in name and on behalf of her child under age Juan Alfonso Henriquez de Cabrera but its despite it was found to have to face serious economic difficulties. In fact her husband Ludovico III had contracted a notable massive structure of debts because of the expenses of representation faced for the marriage of Phillip III, king of Spain, with Margherita of Austria in 1599. 

Victoria Colonna definite so to ask to the king of Spain for the concession of a regal privilege for the foundation of a new installation, that would have allowed her of risollevare the fates of the family patrimony. The application was welcomed, and the regal privilege, granted by the king Filippo III December 31 st 1606 to Madrid, it prepared the riedificazione of the ancient Camarina. The new city rose with the name of Victoria (today in the province of Ragusa) in honor of its founder, the 24 April of 1607, making to transfer you different family nucleuses to increase the agricultural exploitation of the western part of the county modicana. 

Reached the most greater age of their child in the 1617 these it will become Count of Moderate, therefore viceroy of Sicilia(1641) and Viceroy of the Kingdom in Naples (1644, up to February of 1646). 

Victoria Colonna withdraws subsequently him in Spain, where it dies in 1633, and it comes buried in the Church of St. Francis of Medina de Rioseco. 

Victoria's city (Italy) you has entitled her own town theater (inaugurated in 1863) to the countess Victoria Colonna, and you has gotten in 1990 the burial of his bare in the city, in the mother Church of St. Giovanni